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Applesauce book by Patrick Redford

Applesauce book by Patrick Redford

Take a pinch of brilliance, a dash of crazy, a full pot of experience and mix together well. 

What you're left with is a delicious recipe for mentalism miracles with a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards.

The book is a delectable insight into world-famous plots like any card at any number, 51 faces north & more.

This book includes Patrick's much sought-after secret to his Any Thought of Card at Any Thought of Number (Applesauce) alongside twelve other routines that include: 

- Horsefeathers
- The Evolution of a Rain King
- Storm
- Advantageous 
- Wipe-out
- Stop Poker Tells
- Stop Revelation for Platform
- Card Counter
- The O.P. Spread

- Standing Prediction
- Fishing for One
...The book also introduces new moves and for the first time teaches Redford's Double MC Kraser Force.-- 

Everything between these pages is real world useable material that has been developed in front of live audiences of both magicians and laymen. 

A red-hot slice of mentalism that tastes as good as it sounds. 

You'll want a taste of this. Buy Now.

Format: Hardcover Book 
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate 
Duration: 158 pages

"Another fun set of clever, useful, and subtle ideas from the fertile mind of Patrick Redford."— Paul Vigil

$ 60.00