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The Magic Apple SOCIAL DISTANCING Magic Kit V2

The Magic Apple SOCIAL DISTANCING Magic Kit V2

This is a special magic kit to help with Social Distancing!  This is for sale during the Corona Virus Pandemic!

Version 2


Each kit is different and will include magic, gags, pranks and more worth over $35 in retail magic for only $25 and FREE SHIPPING!

Each item in the kit will be age appropriate!  Yes, parents may have to help a LITTLE bit while your child is learning the magic, but these are NOT HARD to do but still require a few minutes of pratice!  This is just a little something to help pass the time and maybe introduce you to a new hobby!  There is nothing better than learning a new magic trick, practicing it and then performing it for friends and family!
FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and Instagram are GREAT ways to perform magic while keeping a safe distance!


Some items in the kits may include:
Ball and Vase, Deck of Cards, Booklets of magic, Fake Dog Poo, Coin Tricks, Rubber Bands, Rope Magic, instructions for dozens of tricks!


$ 25.00