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RD Insta (Rubiks Cube)

RD Insta (Rubiks Cube)

The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planetl 

After the stunning release of his Venom Cube, Henry now introduces his unique instant solve system RD INSTA. With absolutely NO MOVEMENTS at all, you INSTANTLY SOLVE a mixed up cube like CG/ EFFECT (You have to see it to believe itl).

It is so visual that you will swear the stickers themselves are changing colors! After the solve, you can then lMMIEDIATELY hand out the cube for EXAM/NATION. 

Thanks to the revolutionary non-elastic design, the mechanics is extremely practical and reliable.It is a gimmick that will last forever. Our new magnetic block design also allows you to install the gimmick into ANY RD CUBES in just around 15 seconds. 
You will also learn the signature One Cube Routine that is worth the whole price of the project Finally, our guest, the an1azing talented magician, Vincent K, will explore many amazing ideas you can apply with the RD lnsta gimmick 


- A ready to go RD Insta gimmick and RD Cube

- One extra set of RD Insta gimmick components (for you to explore other ideas)

- More than 8 ways to perform

- Video instructions (1hr 23mins)

- and more

$ 80.00