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Cube in Bottle by Henry Harrius
Cube in Bottle by Henry Harrius

Cube in Bottle by Henry Harrius

The most powerful magic trick is one that lives on forever in the minds of the spectators and with “Cube in Bottle” you can provide a miracle that every audience will remember long after you’re gone.

After transforming Rubik’s Cube Magic with best-selling effects like RD InstaRubik’s Dream, and Venom Cube, FISM-Winner Henry Harrius changes the game yet again with the revolutionary “Cube in Bottle.”

This is about as direct and powerful as Rubik’s Cube magic, or any magic trick for that matter, can be. A cube and glass bottle sealed with a cork are shown and then placed in a bag. With a quick smash, the cube magically penetrates the bottle. Everyone will hear this moment happen and the spectator can even hold the bag closed at this moment.

You then instantly reach in and remove it to show that the cube is indeed inside the bottle. This impossible bottle can be immediately handed out for examination. No awkward switches or complicated sleight of hand required.

It’s a solid bottle and solid cube. There’s no way for the cube to be taken out of the bottle. There’s nothing to be found. You end completely clean. In fact, you can even give the impossible bottle away to your spectator as a one-of-a-kind souvenir since affordable refills will be available.

This can be performed on its own or serve as the PERFECT FINALE to your favorite Rubik's Cube routine.

“Cube in Bottle” is remarkably easy to do. You DO NOT need to know how to solve a cube to perform it.

Each set comes with everything you need to perform the effect including:

  • New exclusive gimmick
  • 1 Giveaway refill bottle
  • 1 RD Cube
  • 5 RD paper bags
  • 2 sets of stickers .

The nearly 1 hour of online video instructions covers everything including a basic routine for both close-up and parlor shows, as well as a two-cube routine and a two signed cube routines. As a SPECIAL BONUS, you'll also learn the secret behind Kaito Kidman's amazing "Walking Nightmare Solve."

$ 155.00

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