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TEMPUS by Menny Lindenfeld

TEMPUS by Menny Lindenfeld


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This is the most comprehensive course on watch stopping I've ever seen with some truly lovely touches!"
Colin McLeod

We are excited to bring you TEMPUS™ - a NEW AND ORIGINAL APPROACH TO THE ART OF TIME STOPPING - from the mastermind of Menny Lindenfeld.

With Tempus™ you will perform the cleanest and most believable time-stopping demonstrations - that looks and feels like REAL MIND-POWER. Your audience will swear you're SUPERHUMAN.

With the Tempus™ system, you can stop time on SINGLE and MULTIPLE borrowed watches.

And once you stop a watch, the watch can be freely handled around. You can let go of the watch. You can step away from the watch... The watch remains motionless the entire time!
You have full control to make the watch stop and come back to life at your command.
And you'll be surprised how easy it is to master and perform.

Tempus™ comes with gimmicks and accessories, plus a MEGA MASTERCLASS - teaching the most advanced time-stopping secrets ever published. Powerful techniques developed, refined and performed by Menny Lindenfeld for almost 2 decades.

You'll learn;

  • The Tempus™ system.
  • 12x killer routines with watches (from Menny's repertoire).
  • Multiple techniques to stop & start time on a borrowed watch; Close-up, frontal, on Zoom, impromptu and more...
  • To stop time on multiple borrowed watches. (A spectator can freely select the order of the watches you stop - one at a time - until all watches are motionless.)
  • To pause & start time on a borrowed watch - while held at the end of the strap - and hanging from your fingertips. (Other hand never comes near the watch)
  • To stop & start time on a borrowed watch - held by a spectator.
  • To freeze time on a borrowed watch from a distance - as it lays on the table, isolated under a glass.
  • To stop your own watch while you wear it on the wrist, and without coming near with the other hand.
  • And to stop a clock as it hangs on the wall (multiple techniques).

Additionally, you'll learn NEVER-PUBLISHED-BEFORE time-stopping secrets;

  • To control a watch with a chronograph and INDIVIDUALLY stop the ticking of the main-dial and each of the subdials in the watch.
  • To mentally cause the stopwatch (timer) in a chronograph, to self-start without pressing any buttons.
  • To mentally synchronize two unsynced (borrowed) watches. Both watches will tick in perfect synchronization - precisely on the second.
  • An original method to use a borrowed watch for time-forcing.

You will also learn;

  • The perfect time-stopping set-up for virtual ZOOM performances and social media demos.
  • To stop a watch fully impromptu.
  • Multiple techniques, subtleties, and handlings that will elevate your performance.
  • To use sound to elevate the effect of time-stopping.
  • The psychology of watch stopping & how to best practice.
  • How to best sell the telekinesys effect to your audience and to make them believe you're superhuman.
  • And so much more


$ 55.00