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24/7 Magic Wallet - Show in your pocket!

24/7 Magic Wallet - Show in your pocket!


This is an entire act in your wallet!  The 24/7 Wallet includes SIX Complete routines PLUS it includes a GENUINE LEATHER WALLET!

You'll get an amazing mentalism trick with business cards and the specially printed cards are included.  They look and feel like REAL business cards.

An ESP Trick that is SO FAIR it will fool anyone!  5 ESP Cards are seen and the spectator points to ANY Card and your have written "THIS IS THE LAST CARD" on the back on the one THEY CHOOSE!

A Coin trick that is a great instand trick that requires NO SKILL and includes the coin!

You remember the stage version of the "Insurance Policy", right!?  Well, the 24/7 wallet includes a SMALL Close up version and it will teach you EXACTLY how to do it!

There is also another mentalism and prediction routine that use EVERYDAY Objects!and BONUS math trick that includes a wallet sized picture of kids and their jersey numbers MATCH the outcome that the spectator choses!!

No matter what your skill level, this wallet is for you!  if you have never done a magic trick in your life, you will be able to perform these tricks!  It is a great product to carry around!  You will be ready to perform magic anywhere, anytime!  24 Hours a Day, 7 Days A week!


$ 25.00