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Kata Coin Magic DVD by Dafedas B

Kata Coin Magic DVD by Dafedas B


"Dafedas B is a French magician who was living in Japan until a few years ago. KATA is his 1st DVD.
KATA is a reference to the “kata” existing in japanese traditional arts such as Kabuki and martial arts.
The coin magic in that DVD has a unique style, and is  aresearch of beauty in the flow and the movements.
The visual effects are woven into elegant performances, and the whole is exiting and enjoyable to watch.
Dafedas B masters cutting edge techniques and concepts. The routines are
Fun to watch from different angles, it’s a DVD you will enjoy watching many times."
Kata is a collection of cutting edge routines, all using the muscle pass. 
The routines have a unique style: underground, sophisticated, groovy and delicate, with a constant attention to maximum finger openness. It is a study of moves, angles, and motions: something between ballet and martial arts display....with coins... 
The material is advanced and most of the routines will require serious practice. But studying them will greatly improve your coin work, and you’re about to learn unique techniques, combinations, and ideas that will enhance your performances and bring your magic to a whole new level. 
The DVD received an eminently positive feedback from some of the best magicians in the world. 


$ 45.00