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Complete Walton Volume 3

Complete Walton Volume 3

This is the long awaited third volume of card magic by the world-renowned magician Roy Walton. It has been some 28 years since the last completely new collected works book was released, and we are extremely excited to offer this new volume to the magical fraternity.

This volume contains 96 carefully selected effects with cards; some previously unpublished, and some from a diverse range of publications such as:
Abracadabra, Epilogue, Genii, Hierophant, Ibidem, Kabbala, Magic, Magic Circular, Octet, Pabular, Pallbearer's Review, Spread Half Pass, Spellbinder, Chronicles, The Crimp and Penumbra.

Included in 'The Complete Walton Volume 3' are the original descriptions for Roy Walton's famous effects 'Cardwarp' and 'Cascade'.

The format of the book is designed to compliment the 2012 re-releases of Volumes 1 and 2, and is printed on responsibly sourced paper by artisan printers in London. 
Illustrated by Thomas Cameron. 
Hard backed, 257 pages. 

$ 70.00