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Vortex Off the Page DVD by Tom Stone

Vortex Off the Page DVD by Tom Stone

The Etude. Two spectators peek at a card in an extremely fair way. The cards are shuffled so that it is impossible for the magician to know where their cards are. Yet under the most difficult conditions you are able to reveal their thought of cards. This a very direct mind reading effect with a very deceptive, yet easy to do method. All the ingredients for a close up miracle.

Reality Glitch. Using any pair of cards and any four of a kind you are able to perform a transposition effect that both fools and entertains like no other. 

Among The Mad Men. One at a time, four blue back jokers vanish from four separate piles and assemble together in a packet of cards that has been in full view at all times.

Mr Fogg. A "Travelers" routine that starts off as an impossible effect where four signed cards magically end up in one pocket but ends with all four signed cards ending up in four different pockets under the most impossible conditions.

Toast For Charon. A beautiful piece of magic using nothing but a silk a wine glass and three coins. Coins vanish, reappear, and as a grand finale you produce a full size wine bottle.

Gold Wielder. This is Tom's handling for the Linking Finger Rings. This an effect that packs small and plays HUGE. Tom gives lots of info for how to make this a worker and more important, how to make it look very convincing.

Benson Burner. This may be one of the most stunning pieces of magic you will ever see. Three balls vanish and reappear under a bowl. This is repeated and even more impressive the second time. What happens next surprises everyone and can only be described as an explosion of visual magic.

$ 26.95