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Warlock (DVD and Gimmicks) by Andy Nyman & Alakazam

Warlock (DVD and Gimmicks) by Andy Nyman & Alakazam

videoicon-linkWarlock is Andy's latest creation.


Warlock is ideal for any performing situation and appears like an impromptu effect if you just want to carry it around with you.


A beautiful organic routine using a stack of business card sized cards. Each card has an interesting word written on it (your word of the day list if you like) 2 spectators each choose a word without you looking and not only can you reveal the words, but you predict one of them in a truly unforgettable manner.


Warlock combines a simple method with a genius routine structured to make it not only a hard hitting piece of mentalism and incredibly easy to do!


This is classic Nyman - simple, utterly baffling deadly, direct mentalism.


Warlock comes complete with cards and a full instructional DVD.

$ 29.95