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24Seven Vol. 1 by John Carey and RSVP Magic

24Seven Vol. 1 by John Carey and RSVP Magic

Welcome to Volume 1 of John Carey's 24Seven Project. Featuring 12 stunning routines that you will use and suitable for all magicians, this is magic that packs a kicker punch! Featured routines

Vol.1 include:

1.  Simplex Transpo - John's very clean and direct transposition of two signed bank notes using a wonderful Tamariz idea

2.  Gemini reflections - Using a wonderful Karl Fulves idea, spectator and magician replicate each other perfectly in this location

3.  Coinkidinky - John's variant on a great Alan Ackerman effect. A very simple and strong production of a four of a kind

4.  (6) card O and W - A quick 4 phase oil and water that is ideal for strolling workers

5.  Split and spread control - A very deceptive tabletop card control inspired by Bernard Billis

6.  Interlocking flyer - A vanish and magical translocation of a selection

7.  Kick- 4 Queens - a signed card and a ton of visual action in this walk- around worker

8.  Imaginary Reality - John's take on the classic do as I do plot using a real deck and one in the imagination. A strong, memorable piece using a wonderful Vernon idea

9.  Conscious/Subconscious - Another do as I do designed for the working magician

10.  Two to Tango - A selection and a thought of number come together in this impromptu revelation involving 2 spectators

11.  Crystal Transposition - A very direct divination and transposition combined. Perfect for restaurant and bar work

12.  Shh it's a Mystery... - John's super direct and engaging approach to a Brother John Hamman card classic Running Time Approximately: 2hrs -Worldwide Playback

$ 30.00