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The Regal Ring Chain DVD and Gimmicks

The Regal Ring Chain DVD and Gimmicks

videoicon-linkBorrow a ring…vanish it…reveal it threaded on a silver chain around your neck.

That is The Regal Ring Chain

It is simple, pure, magic The Regal Ring Chain is fashioned from 100% stainless steel, and was specially designed for this effect. It could’ve been made from junk metals, but I chose to do this right – but it looks high-end because it IS high-end. It is not a toy, it is jewelry, made by a jewelry manufacturer.

Think of this as a card-to-wallet…but the card is a ring and the wallet is a silver chain.

The card-to-wallet effect is, without question, one of the best effects possible with a deck of cards. And what is the card-to-wallet prop? It’s a wallet that has been specially designed to secretly introduce a card with speed and ease.

Similarly, The Regal Ring Chain is a real chain (when the ring is on it, the spectator can pull on it) that has been gimmicked in a way to allow the secret and swift introduction of a borrowed ring.

I perform this effect using a slight of hand ring vanish (I teach four ring vanishes on the DVD, some dirt easy) but if you vanish the borrowed ring using a gimmicked handkerchief, then using The Regal Ring Chain becomes a very simple matter indeed!

$ 60.00