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Special Effects by Harry Lorrayne

Special Effects by Harry Lorrayne

ALL ARE SIGNED WHEN YOU BUY FROM US! S P E C I A L E F F E C T S More than 50 impromptu, any deck, effects that you will LOVE – I guarantee it!


About Face, Triple Take, About Face – And Collect!, Two Between, The Hopless Hop, A Much Better Chance (strong poker demo.), Nine To Twelve, Don’t Blink, Tantalizer Treatise, Royalt(ra)y, Your Favorite Card, Magic Jacks, Collect Again, Side To Side, Universal Triumph, Devilish Switch, Royal Impossibility, Sandwich Ramblings, Choices!, About Counts -- and so many more -- are items you’ll use for the rest of your magic life!


Over 241 photos of my hands and cards make it easy for you to learn them all quickly – I do not use or teach difficult sleights (because I can’t do them!).

$ 85.00