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That Deaf Guy Limited Edition Playing Cards

That Deaf Guy Limited Edition Playing Cards

Comic book artist Matt Daigle has allowed us to produce and ALL NEW deck of Limited Edition, Version 1 playing cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company!

Using American Sign Language (ASL) on each card!  These cares are Air Cushion Finish with a great looking ALL NEW back design!

The box and Jokers are exclusive images of the famous "That Deaf Guy" webcomic series - check out

This deck also includes the special playing cards for 2 Card Monte WITH instructions! If you are magician, then you know it also comes with a special card needed for "The Trick that Fooled Houdini"

To save a few bucks and get an add'l deck for only $5.05 more!

If you'd like a dozen or more, please send us an email for pricing.

$ 7.95