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THE CODE by Fenik Book


Fenik has made his reputation as a magician's magician for more than two decades. He has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best schools of card magic in the world: the school of Larry Jennings. 

His mentors, such as Baltazar Fuentes and Michael Skinner, played an important role for Fenik to be trained as the magician he is today, a virtuoso and creator of modern magic. 

In this work, THE CODE by Fenik, one can appreciate his eclectic style that symbolizes the transition from the classical school of magic to the modern school. 

His routines such as Air Aces, Round Trip, The Rev, 88 Beast Assembly, Silver Fist and One Card Monte, have been adopted by many magicians and luckily all of these pieces are included in this book and described in detail. In THE CODE, we can also find his most recent creations that are devastating to magicians such as: Miracle, Maximum Penetration, The Number of God, The Kerigma Searchers, Interdimensional and many more. 

The 210 well-drawn illustrations and text will give the reader the opportunity to learn the magic of "El Maestro" in an easy and entertaining way. 

The theory chapter contains a practical and objective view on the conception of a magical effect. This vision also offers the necessary tools to improve any act of illusion through the objective analysis of its procedure. 

Fenik's THE CODE is a new work within magical literature, a legacy of Mexico for the world that will become part of the new classics of magic for the new millennium. 

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