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Vertical Plain by The Magic Apple

Vertical Plain by The Magic Apple

THE MAGIC APPLE QUALITY PRODUCT "Vertical Plain is a great trick - one you may want to add to your repertoire" - Peter Duffie A spectator is asked to select any card from a pack of “flash cards”, which are double-blank playing cards. After the spectator signs the card or draws a picture on it, the card is put into the middle of the deck, but it somehow comes back to the top of the pack. This is repeated a few more times. Finally, the magician points out cards have been held horizontally. He holds the deck vertically, and the signed card visually rises from the middle of the deck!

The deck may be placed in a wine glass or held by the spectator—the card still rises by itself. This can be repeated with numerous cards and the signed cards make great souvenirs! Self-Working Perfect for Walk-Around Instant Re-Set "You Shoudn't Release This" - Luke Jermay

$ 20.00