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The Money Monte

The Money Monte

The Money Monte for sale at The Magic Apple

ALL NEW WITH KICKER ENDING!! Show the fronts and backs of three cards, let's say a Seven and two Fours. Tell your spectator to keep their eye on the Money Card - the Seven. Very slowly and in the fairest way possible, the Seven is turned face-down and placed on the table. The spectator is asked to put their finger on the Money Card. When that card is turned face-up it has CHANGED and the Money Card is now in your hand! This is repeated AGAIN, even slower and yet, the Money Card is still not to be found! Magically, the Money Card turns face-up while "sandwiched" between the other two cards - TWICE!

Finally, the kicker…the Money Card DISAPPEARS and you are left with three FOURS. And only three cards are used! This can be repeated to give your spectator another shot, yet they are wrong again!

*INSTANTLY RESETS *VERY EASY TO DO *DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED No Rough and Smooth! Only 3 Cards are Used! Easy Enough for a Beginner yet Strong Enough for a Pro!! Instant Re-set! No Double Stick Tape! No Thread! Perfect for Walk-Around Magic! No Dove Pan Needed! Even YOU can do it!

$ 11.95