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Romantic Film Verite (Rom Com Movies) by Jim Kleefeld

Romantic Film Verite (Rom Com Movies) by Jim Kleefeld

The latest edition in Jim's classic Verite series. Dozens of posters of famous popular romance films like Love Story, Seepless in Seattle, My Fair Lady, Shakespeare in Love, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook and more. Perfect for After-Proms, Wedding Receptions, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, or Senior Centers where older adults love the nostalgia of romance.

Works just like the other Verite sets. Let someone choose a movie and read the list of film titles on the card. You instantly know which one they are thinking of. Includes a second effect - you tell them the unique Set Number and Card Number of any film card. Same handy size, same sturdy glossy cards.

Use this set alone or add them to your other Verite sets.

$ 50.00