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Ultimate Marked Deck - Bicycle

Ultimate Marked Deck - Bicycle



Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of! Manufactured in "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards by the United States Playing Cards Company. BE SURE YOU CHOSE RED OR BLUE - SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!


This is the marked deck you have been waiting for! Identify any card without seeing its face. Read the identifiers of the cards directly without having to mark the card yourself. Yes, No codes, No symbol to interpret, No marking system to learn.


Use genuine "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards without having to mark the cards yourself Hand out the deck without fear of detection. Instant location and direct reading of the marks.

All the qualities of the ideal marked deck at long last brought together in the Ultimate Marked Deck. In Red or Blue! What others are saying:


"The marking is diabolically camouflaged and can be read at a mere glance..." - Gaëtan BLOOM "The Ultimate Deck should change every magician's life.

Don't buy one, buy TEN". - Chris KENNER

$ 30.00