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Chain Thru Sword by JL Magic

IF YOU WANT TO FOOL YOUR MAGICIAN FRIENDS, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!! It's like an OLD SCHOOL Tenyo magic trick!!  The method is JUST AS GOOD as the trick!!!

Take 45 seconds and watch the demo below!!

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Here's a great effect for close-up magic - an impossible solid-through-solid demonstration! 

Two cards, each with a hole in the center, are placed on a stand. The magician inserts a chain between the two cards and rests on the table. A plastic sword then goes through both cards and remains in place. To prove that the sword is solid and is impaling the cards, the chain is raised and lifts both cards in the air. NOW for the magic! The magician pulls the chain, and it appears to penetrate right through the sword! 

Produces great reactions from spectators!

  • The cards and sword are made of excellent quality.
  • The chain is a normal chain - it can easily be replaced.
  • Easy to do.
  • Great for beginners! Suitable for ages 14 and above.


  • 2 Bicycle cards
  • 1 silver metal chain
  • 1 plastic sword
  • 1 base of small foam
  • And all you need to make this miracle happen!
$ 12.95