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Daydreamers Playing Cards by Kevin Li


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE $12.00 EACH! (price will increase to $15 on July 1st)

This is Daydreamers Playing Cards. The big picture always starts with a word, thought, or daydream. 


This deck of cards is inspired by the ones who dream to achieve more than their current status. Created by Kevin Li and designed by Paul Robaia, the minimalistic, yet aesthetic, back design features a still moment of a gloomy, cloudy sky. After it pours, there is always shine. The colors on the face cards have been enhanced so they pop and are visible at far distances. 


Printed from The United States Playing Card Company on Air Cushion Finish with their preferred Crushed Stock, this deck is optimally thin for card handlers including magicians and cardists.


Resultantly, it feels remarkably smooth to handle and promotes long lasting use. This is an extremely limited, first edition run of 2,500 decks only. 

$ 12.95