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Double Faced Deck Bicycle


BICYCLE Stock This is a deck of Double Faced playing cards.

They come in the 'old school' blue classic box.

Here is the layout of the cards:

Jok-Jok, Jok-blank, AS-QD, 2S-JD, 3S-10D, 4S-9D, 5S-8D, 6S-7D 7S-6D, 8S-5D, 9S-4D, 10S-3D, JS-2D, QS-AD, KS-KD, AD-QC 2D-JC, 3D-10C, 4D-9C, 5D-8C, 6D-7C, 7D-6C, 8D-5C,9D-4C 10D-3C, JD-2C, QD-AC, KD-4S, KC-KH, QC-AH ,JC-2H, 10C-3H 9C-4H, 8C-5H, 7C-6H, 6C-7H, 5C-8H, 4C-9H, 3C-10H, 2C-9H AC-QH, 7H-KS, QH-AS, JH-2S, 10H-3S, 9H-4S, 8H-5S, 7H-6S 6H-7S, 5H-8S, 4H-9S, 3H-10S, 2H-JS, AH-QS,AH-AH, JC-JC

These are printed on Bicycle Card stock that match any deck, even Tally Ho and some Bee Decks.

$ 8.00