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Trifecta – Mentalism, Magic and Marketing – Dick Steiner – Book

Trifecta – Mentalism, Magic and Marketing – Dick Steiner – Book

Eight mentalism effects, four magic routines, three marketing essays, and 11 humorous vignettes. 181 pages.  Hardbound book with dust jacketForeword by John Bannon

Found in Trifecta are both close-up and stage effects that are among the author’s favorites over a 30 year performing career. You will learn:

  • Dick’s award-winning close-up effect “Clued In” based on the popular board game of Clue. This effect requires the gathering of a few props, but a laminated “mansion card” is included with this book to help the reader get started towards performing this terrific routine.
  • The secrets behind “Top 40 Mentalism” which is Dick’s closer for his stage mentalism show. This is Dick’s signature piece.
  • A surefire way to personalize magic for your clients. “Customized Serendipity” is Dick’s favorite method and is explained in detail with 20 photos.
  • How to set up a marketing system to ensure a steady stream of bookings within six months using a “suspense file.”
  • Presentations (original patter) for three classic magic effects.

And much more!


  • Cued-In
  • Page One Headline Prediction
  • Top 40 Mentalism
  • Top of the Charts Mentalism
  • Corporate Executive Impersonation
  • Word Perfect
  • Answering the Personals
  • The Plaque


  • Customized Serendipity
  • Presentations For Three Classic Effects
  • Famous Couples Deck
  • Photo Finish Revisited


  • Networking
  • Planning Ahead
  • Going The Extra Mile
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