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Haunted Key by Fun Inc

Haunted Key by Fun Inc

The Original Royal Haunted Key!

Same Compact size

Rustic appearance

Perfect weight

The original favorite

Handmade in the USA

Always under your control

No threads, no magnets

No lighting restrictions

Spooky magic at its best.

An aged, antique looking key rests in the magician's palm. With nary a movement or word from the wonder worker, the key mysteriously rolls over on command!

There are no threads, wires or other attachments to the key. Complete examination of the key is allowed at ANY point during the magician's routine. This masterpiece comes complete with key and secret instructions.  Booklet is sold separately. 

Limited only by your imagination! Make up other themes, adventure, mystery, and more.

The Haunted Key Book by Dick Williams will give you many additional presentation ideas (available separately).

Hand crafted in the USA by FUN Incorporated.

$ 11.95