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Card College Volume 4 by Roberto Giobbi

Card College Volume 4 by Roberto Giobbi

Roberto Giobbi's Acclaimed Course On Sleight-Of-Hand Card Magic!

This series has received the highest praise from amateur and professional magicians alike, throughout Germany, France and Spain. Now, with its appearance in English, acclaim for Card College has grown even more enthusiastic. The idea of producing a thorough course in card magic has seldom been attempted, and those few rare efforts are dated and often difficult to obtain. What Roberto Giobbi has done far surpasses his predecessors in a number of ways:

Never before has a course in card magic been so thoroughly illustrated for clarity and ease of learning. Clear, engaging, detailed writing is coupled with over twelve hundred professional drawings to aid the student in attaining mastery over a deck in the shortest possible time.

Card College contains up-to-date developments in the craft, giving the reader the best methods for creating amazement with an ordinary deck of playing cards, ranging from classic sleights and ruses to the most sophisticated modern techniques.

Card College is the first course of its kind written by a full-time professional magician, consisting of material selected from his own repertoire. Giobbi offers his readers hard won knowledge obtained through experience, and teaches the best sleights, methods and tricks, along with the psychology, misdirection and theory essential for successful card magic.

Giobbi has selected only the best sleights and handlings from thousands of books on the subject, saving his readers countless hours of research and wasted effort spent on inferior approaches and ideas.

Card College is written as both a course for the beginning student and a retraining course for the experienced card magician who may have picked up some inferior techniques during previous study.

Some Of The Topics Covered In Volume Four

Forcing Techniques

Advanced Passes

Half Passes

Sandwich Techniques



False Deals

Card and Packet Reversals

Culling and Stacking


More Flourishes

Card and Packet Switches

Deck Switches

Structural Theory

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