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Psychokinetic Bolt - Moving Nut & Bolt

Psychokinetic Bolt - Moving Nut & Bolt


This is a great, inexpensive bolt!  Comes with everything needed!  Works GREAT with a PK Ring too!!

I just reviewed this and it is great and easy to do!!

Perfect for Seance shows & GREAT for Virtual Shows

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The performer shows a bolt and nut and asks a spectator to screw them together. Then he takes the bolt and holds it at the tips of his fingers. He concentrates, makes a magical gesture, and the nut begins to unscrew from the bolt until it falls on the table.

Incredible psychokinesis effect!

• An effect that will leave every audience amazed.
• Pocket-sized, you will always love to carry it with you. We are sure of it.
• The bolt, made of brass, is 5 cm long. Everything can be examined.

$ 20.00