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Magic Unconcealed By Jay Collen - Book


Hardcover, 232 pages.
Part I is performance theory, and Part II is over 20 tricks and routines, all proven workers from the Jay's working repertoire and are being released to the public for the first time
It is sure to get you thinking about the magic you currently do, and the kind of magic you wish to perform. It offers new insight into the nature of magic performances and the audience experience in general. 
Magic Unconcealed respectfully challenges much accepted wisdom in contemporary magic theory. It is intended to be thought-provoking, but not dogmatic. Its core thesis is that audiences often experience frustration when they don’t now how a trick is done, and a magician must prevent or overcome that frustration. Doing so is partly a matter of trick selection and method, but is also a matter of performance technique centered on the ethos of the magician.
These matters are discussed in detail, and the theoretical concepts are then are illustrated with over 20 dynamite tricks and routines from the author’s repertoire— all of which are proven workers in the real world of professional magic.
Author Jay Collen says: “This book shares concepts and ideas built-up over more than 20 years as a professional magician. Some of my ideas are different, but I’m not looking to attack others or obtain converts. Rather, I hope to stimulate people’s thinking to help them on their magical journeys.” 
Magic Unconcealed “showcases. . . Jay Collen’s professionalism and talent in the magical arts.”
Jon Stetson
$ 45.00