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Jim Steinmeyer Lecture on ZOOM!

Jim Steinmeyer Lecture on ZOOM!

If you are signing up AFTER June 10th you will NOT get the materials in time.  The lecture WILL NOT BE RECORD so please take notes and the materials will arrive shortly.  If you are close (or in Los Angeles) you can come by The Magic Apple to pick up the materials
“Unexpected Magic”  is a lecture of unexpectedly efficient principles and effects that magicians will find useful in virtual shows, in live shows, and in the transition from one to another. 
In this lecture, he demonstrates effects that allow you to expand your repertoire and explore different types of magic for different settings. A few of the effects use special pieces of apparatus that will be supplied. The routines include some of his favorite pieces from Impuzzibiliites, his published effects in MAGIC and Genii magazine, and his books. The routines and secrets are all intriguing and unexpected—tricks designed to surprise and delight the magician, as well as the audience. 
Jim Steinmeyer is an award winning author and creator in the world of magic, a creator of special material for Doug Henning, Siegfried and Roy, Ricky Jay, and dozens of other magicians, television shows and Broadway shows. His creations and range of effects are varied, from stage illusions to mathematical tricks. Most recently, his nine Impuzzibilities books have provided material for countless virtual shows and formed the templates for many popular effects. He’s also an expert in the history of magic and an author on the careers and techniques of many masters of the craft.
$ 30.00