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Card Magic Essentials by Tomas Medina

Card Magic Essentials by Tomas Medina

Card Magic Essentials is the beginners' toolbox - a collection of fundamental moves and sleights that can apply to nearly every effect imaginable. Professional magician Tomás Medina demonstrates and explains essential card sleights and moves in crystal clear detail.


Learning the essentials of card magic has never been easier. Once mastered, these techniques will serve you well - throughout your career as a magician. They will provide a solid foundation on which to build an endless repertoire of magical effects.


Contents include:

Mechanics Grip

Biddle Grip

Hindu Shuffle

overhand Shuffle

Riffle Shuffle

Basic False Cut

Slydini False Cut

False Hindu Shuffle

False Overhand Shuffle

Card Forces:


Riffle Force

Cross-Cut Force

Countdown Force

Slip-Cut Force

Cut Deeper Force



Ribbon Spread an Turnover

Thumb Fan

Charlier Cut

One-Handed Fan

Flustration Count

Elmsley Count

Buckle Count

Injog Control

Double Undercut

Mahatma Control


Double Lift

Pinky Break

Top Palm

Top Change

Braue Reversal

Mechanical Reversal


Routines included:

Ambitious Card Marlo's Ace Revelation Two-Card Transposition Spelling Trick

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