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Brain Child by Kyle Purnell

Brain Child by Kyle Purnell

The magician gives their deck a small shuffle explaining that they aren’t going to have someone pick a card, but just think of one. The magician shows their audience cards from the deck until they freely think of any card they are shown. The magician gives the deck a mix again and then asks them three questions. What month were they born? How many letters are in their name? What is the value of the card they are thinking of? No matter what they answer, that number of cards is dealt down and the card they are merely thinking of is at that position. As a kicker, the card they thought of is the only red card in an all-blue deck.

Kyle will tell you that Brain Child is the single strongest card trick he performs, and he has created some incredibly powerful magic. You receive a special deck of cards that makes this effect possible. There is no rough and smooth, misprinted cards, or complex gimmicks that can break. Kyle teaches a handling that uses just a little sleight of hand to make this bulletproof, as well as a bonus handling that makes the trick practically self-working. Blow your audience up with Kyle Purnell’s Brain Child.

$ 25.00