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Geek Magic - Tomas Medina - DVD

Geek Magic - Tomas Medina - DVD

videoicon-linkYou've heard of people with uncanny, unimaginable abilities. Personalities like Serpentina the snake charmer,   Wee Willie the 400 pound fat boy, Bobo the human pin cushion and Tessie the Tattooed Woman. Imagine joining their ranks and   performing the following feats of bizzareism:

  •                   Swallow and Maninpulate Razor Blades
  • Produce                   Live Bugs
  •                   Become a Human Spittoon
  •                   Ingest an Inflated Balloon
  •                   Drink Motor Oil
  •                   Chew on Broken Glass
  •                   And Much More!

                  These Stunts - to name but a few - are explained in excruciating  (and often far too great) detail on Tomas Medina's Geek  Magic DVD. This magic is not intended for the faint of heart - or stomach.
                  It's all alive, on film, for your viewing and learning pleasure: on the inside!

WARNING:                   This DVD is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Performances                   and explanations are for entertainment and informational purposes                   only. Buyer assumes full responsibility and shall not hold the                   producers, performers, or any other parties involved with the                   production and/or distribution of this DVD responsible for any                   ill effects resulting from the viewing of this DVD. If you have                   any doubt in your ability to safely perform the mindless, silly,                   downright, insane stunts explained herein, DO NOT ATTEMPT THEM.

$ 30.00