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Spellbinding Boxes - Nest of Boxes

Spellbinding Boxes - Nest of Boxes

videoicon-linkA true marvel of magic!


A coin is borrowed and marked by the spectator. The magician places the coin into the folds of a handkerchief and gives it to a spectator to hold. The magician then reaches into his pocket and removes a small metal box which is placed on the table. On the spectator's command the handkerchief is shaken out revealing the coin has vanished. The metal box is opened revealing a smaller box inside. Inside the next box is another box, then finally a smaller box. When the smallest box is opened, the marked coin is found inside!

Nested Boxes also known as “The Spellbinding Boxes” - History SS Adams Co in the 1930’s produced a metal & wooden set of “Nested Boxes.” In the 1950’s SS Adams Co mass produced their “Nested Boxes” in plastic; as seen referenced in the book "'Life of The Party’ - A Visual History of The SS Adams Company Makers of Pranks & Magic For 100 Years” by Kirk Demarais.

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