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Perfect Open Prediction by Boris Wild

Perfect Open Prediction by Boris Wild

videoicon-linkPERFECT OPEN PREDICTION is an incredibly powerful and EASY prediction routine your audiences will LOVE.
FISM card champion Boris Wild has cleverly devised a method to openly predict a selected card that eliminates ALL sleight-of-hand. The cards are dealt BY THE SPECTATOR. The decisions are made BY THE SPECTATOR. And because it looks like the real thing, it will fool magicians and non-magicians alike.
Shuffle a deck of cards and place ONE card face-up on the table. (Let's say it's the 8 of clubs)
Now, ask your spectator to deal the rest of the cards onto the table, flipping each one face-up until she feels the time is right. At that very moment, have her place the "right" card face-down and finally finish by continuing to deal the rest of the deck face up on top.
The big finish comes when you flip over her freely selected card and it matches your prediction EXACTLY.
* Easy to learn, with NO sleight of hand
* Use any standard deck of cards
* Includes special gimmick needed to perform the effect.
* A self-working trick that gives you ALL the glory

$ 25.00