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Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Vol 2

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Vol 2

Almost 30 years of studying and performing magic have given the author the experience to know what works before an audience. This knowledge has been used to invent and select only the best in cutting-edge card effects. Combine this seasoning with fifteen years of international lecturing to magicians, and the result is strong performance material that is properly and clearly taught.

In addition to dozens of effects by the author, other contributors include: Simon Aronson, Jack Birnmam, Doug Canning, Aldo Colombini, Tom Craven, Ron Ferris, Joel Givens, Wayne Kyzer, Stewart James, Tom Ladshaw, Marv Levanthal, Simon Lovell, Gene Maze, Steve Pressley, John Riggs, Joe Rindfleisch, Scott Robinson, Allan Slaight, Richard Vollmer and Steven Youell.
Written and illustrated by Steve Beam
Hardbound, 230 pages, 100+ illustrations

$ 45.00