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Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Book - Vol 4

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Book - Vol 4

There are over 90 items in this volume. Contributors include: Simon Aronson, Lee Asher, Jack Avis, Mick Ayres, Tino Call, Doug Canning, Steve Draun, Peter Duffie, Bob Farmer, Andi Gladwin, Bill Goodwin, Tony Griffith, Stewart James, Lewis Jones, Marty Kane, Doreen Knott, Magic Christian, Raj Madhok, John Moran, Reinhard Muller, Gianfranco Preverino, Joe Riding, Robin Robertson, Scott Robinson, Harvey Rosenthal, Allan Slaight, Dave Solomon, Elias Ugart, Newell Unfried, and R. Paul Wilson.

Chapters include: Telephone Tricks, Prediction Effects, Surprise Party (tricks inspired by the Birthday Card trick from Volume 3), Shrink-Wrapped Magic...The Magic of Marty Kane, Pure Math, Stirring the Stew, Singularities, Impossible Locations, Gambling Tricks, Card Tricks Without Playing Cards, Magic Squares, Updates (on items previously printed in the series), The Box Magician and Moves & Concepts.
Written and illustrated by Steve Beam
Hardbound, 264 pages

$ 45.00