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Significant Hour by Brent Arthur James Geris

Significant Hour by Brent Arthur James Geris

A deck of cards is shown, and the magician asks a spectator to think of a time of day, the magician writes down a prediction card, the spectator takes the same number of cards as the hour they are thinking of while the magician's back is turned.


The magician will create a clock dial with the remaining cards and read the face of the clock, then reveal what hour the spectator is mearly thinking of, the card at the thought of hour matches a prediction and the finale, all of the cards in the person's hand are now blank and all of the cards on the table are blank!!


No switching of decks! No rough and smooth! Easy to do! Made with Bicycle Playing Cards! Comes complete with special Bicycle deck, envelope with prediction card and instruction sheet. This has been reviewed by ELMagicshop and is recommended. Also appears in Genii Magazine as a good review by David Regal and Magic Magazine by Peter Duffie.

$ 14.95