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Classic Film Verite by Jim Kleefeld

Classic Film Verite by Jim Kleefeld


The appearance of being able to actually read someone's mind.

Have your audience pass around a set of cards with 32 different classic film posters.

The set includes all-time most popular films like Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Pulp Fiction. Each card has a film poster on the front and a list of films from the set on the back.You have no idea who has which film poster.

Have anyone choose one and think about the title. They read the names of the films from their card, and you tell them exactly which film they are thinking of. In addition, you tell them the exact number of film critics who voted for that film out of all films.

Repeat the effects with anyone else. They think of a film and read the same list of titles. You always know which film your spectator is thinking of and the unique number of votes the list got. An amazing secret, so easy you will be doing it in minutes.

No crib sheets. Nothing to memorize. Nothing extra to carry.

Use just the 32 postcards. Extra-thick, heavy stock, full color, glossy varnish, rounded corners. Complete with a sturdy snap-closure carrying case. Use all 32 cards or just slip ten or twelve into your pocket and still perform it exactly the same way.

$ 50.00