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Help a Friend

The Magic Apple needs your help.  Our good friend, and magician Nat Sopa (Magic Castle Member who was also in the Jr. Program) has had a terrible accident:

Nat Sopa was born with a heart condition that caused his heart valve to open and close irregularly which caused blood clots to form in his bloodstream. The clots reached deep in the center of his brain and caused him to black out while riding his motorcycle. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet and riding with his biker club who was able to help him immediately. On August 25 the ambulance rushed Nat to Cedar Sinai to undergo emergency brain surgery to drain the blood clots from his brain and relieve brain swelling. The surgeons performed a decompressive craniectomy where they cut a section of his skull to alleviate the pressure of his brain and implant the bone in his abdomen to keep the bone alive before implanting it back in his skull. This is the same surgery that was performed on Roy from Siegfried and Roy. Nat was in the Intensive Care Unit at Cedar Sinai before being moved to Studio City Rehabilitation Center on September 20. As of now he is making a recovery, but Nat is still having difficulty controlling the left side of his body due to trauma on the right side of his brain.

Anthony and I have visited a few times but he is going to need a lot of financial help.  Nat has not asked, or even knows that I am attempting to help.  We are just trying to be good human beings.

  We have set up a special paypal account.  Any amount will help!  Even as little as a Dollar will help!!

CLICK HERE to help.

If you dontate $50 or more, The Magic Apple will give you

1 Houdini Deck, 1 Magic Castle Deck, 1 Double Faced Deck and 1 Dragon Deck

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A few years ago, Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show came a filmed at the shop!

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