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The Magic Apple, The Magic Store on the Second Floor


Lee Earle Final Lecture Tour

For the first time EVER, Lee Earle will be lecturing at The Magic Apple

April 12th 5pm

$25 Per Person

$35 for VIP seats - Only 6 available.  Includes front row reserved seating, deck of cards and bottle of water.

Contemporary Mentalism

Lee Earle has spread his love for Mentalism by presenting hundreds of lectures in just about every English speaking country in the world, and in quite a few others - with the help of translators.

Earle’s lectures go well beyond ‘teaching tricks’ and focus on modeling an example from which other performers can learn the real work:

  1. Performance technique

  2. Platform skills

  3. Psychology of presentation

  4. Supporting a performance premise

  5. Delivery of humor

  6. Directed attention (misdirection)

  7. Professional attitude

  8. Audience handling

  9. Selecting the best material for every performance style

  10. ...and more!

His unique teaching style divides the lecture into multiple individual segments - each of which includes performance, explanation (while the material is fresh in the audience’s minds), discussion, and advocacy - putting the emphasis on simplicity, practical methods, and personality-driven presentations.


The Magic Apple & Tonight Show

A few years ago, Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show came a filmed at the shop!

Take A look by clicking below


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