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The Magic Apple, The Magic Store on the Second Floor


Alain Nu Lecture!

June 23rd 7pm

$25 per person

Alain Nu is not just any "mentalist," he is a truly gifted, clever and creative artist who is more than qualified to show you a few things you will be more than glad that you came to learn. Along with his newest book, he will also be offering many of his now no-longer-for-sale manuscripts at this event!  

Alain has written multiple tomes of creative works and has been published in trade journals and periodicals worldwide-- MAGIC, MUMThe Linking Ring, Stephen Hobbs' Labyrinth, John Bannon's Impossibilia and Dear Mr

FantasyNeal Scryer and Friends, Lee Earl's Syzygy, Jeff McBride's Mystery School Book, and that's not to mention the underground books he wrote and put out himself and through Lee Asher on his website. 

Alain Nu is the real-deal consummate professional showbiz artist. 


Alain Nu plans to teach you:


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A few years ago, Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show came a filmed at the shop!

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